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Title: When Bravery Turns in your Favor
Author: Alexandra
Summary: A fanfic that's set to the Treasure Planet soundtrack, so be sure you have it with you when you read! Jim becomes the prince of the galaxy.

Read my own Treasure Planet fanfiction at my main website, Quirky Nostalgia Studios.

Submission Guidelines:

Want to send something in? Great! I only have a couple of rules for doing so.

  • The highest "rating" I will take is PG-13. I know we're all a bunch of drooling fangirls, but this is Disney. It would be out of character for Jim to be spouting the 'F'-word, when you know he wouldn't in the movie. And come on people, that kind of stuff is all very uncreative anyways.
  • This should have been the first rule, but Jim stuff ONLY, please. It's fine if it has other characters in it, but the focus should be mostly on Jim. There's plenty of other sites where you can donate your Captain Amelia artwork.
  • Changed my mind about the Mary Sue policy. Go ahead and send 'em in as long as they're good. I'll make the final choice, though, so don't be upset if I decide not to put it up. But don't worry, most of the ones out there I've read have actually been pretty good, so I'll probably take it. ^_^
  • Art must be in either .gif or .jpg format. I just don't like dealing with it if it isn't. And fanfics must be either .txt or .html.

And that's really all there is! If you want to send anything in, just email me!