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Image Gallery:

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Desktop Wallpapers:

Submitted by Beth:

Submitted by Aruki:

Submitted by Apster:

Livejournal Icons and Avatars:

Submission Guidelines:

I'd very much appreciate it if you would contribute to this section. Below is a mixture of both my requirements, and what I am looking for.

  • As always, Jim-centered content only, please. It's okay if it has other characters, but it should be mostly about Jim
  • I need some help with images for the gallery. I have the basic images, but if you have some that you wouldn't mind sharing with everyone, please send it in! I'm intending this gallery to be for anyone's use, though, so if you'd rather keep the images to yourself, then it'd be better to not submit.
  • All images (for the gallery, wallpaper, or whatever) need to be in either .gif or .jpg format.
  • Please give me your name, email and website (if you have one), so I can give credit to the right person! :-)

And that's really all there is! If you want to send anything in, just email me!