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Why I made this site:

Well, obviously I love Jim Hawkins. It's actually kind of interesting... When I saw the TP trailor for the first time before Lilo & Stitch, I wasn't interested at all. But then, early November 2002, I had a four-day weekend for school. For some reason, I decided to watch VH1 (something I almost never do). I turned the TV on just in time for the I'm Still Here music video. Well, the song pretty much hooked me.

What I loved about the song was how much I felt it described me, and how I felt in general. So I checked out the official Treasure Planet website, and to my delight, I realized that Jim was extremely cute. ;-) So here was a character I could really identify with, AND I could sit and just stare at for hours on end. I could tell I was going to like this movie. ;P

So after several weeks of bugging everyone about how cool Treasure Planet was going to be, I finally got to see it (and skip school in the process :D). That's when I really started liking Jim. Making websites has always been a favorite hobby of mine, and I had to get involved in the Treasure Planet community in some way. So here we are today!

History and Layouts:

'A Moment to be Real' first opened up January 17, 2003. I would liked to have opened it closer to the movie's US premier, but I couldn't do this for various reasons.

This site actually almost didn't get made. For a long time, I didn't have any way to make my own graphics, so I had to bother somebody else to do it. Then, for Christmas, I got PSP 7, and started playing with it right away. At first, I made one layout for this site, but I really didn't like it, and it discouraged me. Just when I was about to give up altogether, I decided to try another one, and this one I really liked. So before you is the same layout; hope everyone likes it! ;-)

Contact Information:


AIM: MrsJimHawkins
Yahoo! Messenger: BombSniffingOctopus
Various Message Board names: Octy, Miss Octopus, Bombsniffing Octopus, Sis Rabbit.