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July 28, 2003:

Two new fan arts. Fixed a couple of broken links and images.

June 19, 2003:

New wallpaper in Media, several new links and a new linking button in Linkage. I'm thinking of re-doing this site; it's not as creative as I'd like it to be. Lots more Jim sites are opening up, and they're kind of all the same thing. So I'll either re-do the site, or completely close it down, and start all over again. I'm still thinking about it.

June 11, 2003:

Well, I've about had it. The day after that update down there, STFU decided to just completely delete everyone's accounts and start over, making everyone have to post a request to get our accounts back. That was two weeks ago, and they STILL haven't done anything. So for now, we're at Tripod. Infact, we might STAY at Tripod, because I know it's actually reliable. Be sure to change bookmarks to

May 27, 2003:

Someday, I swear, I am going to have a web host THAT WILL WORK!!! STFU refused to let anyone log in for THREE MONTHS! In that time, I registered my domain name, and then ran out of money, so I can't pay for hosting now. So those updates below? IGNORE. My email address is still, and the url is still I'm only keeping them up because I don't have enough time to edit and merge. YES, this site is still alive! If you've emailed me and I haven't replied, I'm so sorry. I just.. UGH. Well, I only have 2 1/2 weeks left of school, maybe THEN I can actually get some work done. Sorry everyone. :-(

March 28th, 2003:

I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!! I had to change the URL again, though, the old one was giving me troubles... Which means the URL is now (and if that doesn't work, try I also changed my email address to As for actual site content, some new fan art (thanks, Melissa!), three new wallpapers (thanks Aruki!), and a new subsection on the Media page for LJ icons and/or avatars for messageboards. Also added some new links. I think that's it for today... TREASURE PLANET COMES OUT ON DVD IN ONE MONTH!!! :D

February 9th, 2003:

Well, we've finally made the move! Let's hope my domain doesn't have down-time as bad as my old host. Anyways, I've been getting several contributions lately! There's a new fanfic and some new fan art in the Fan section, a new wallpaper in the Media section, and some new links. And don't forget to join the forum! ;-)

February 2nd, 2003:

I decided to make a forum for this site. Please go and post! We need all the Treasure Planet fans we can get. ;-) That's all for now; I'm not adding the new content until I move the site.

February 1st, 2003:

Well HEY, the site is finally back! *rolls eyes* Uuuum, yeah. I'm SO sorry about that everyone. My host was down for much longer than I like, so I took the opportunity to buy myself a domain name. So just so you know, A Moment to be Real will be moving within the next week. Glad we're back!

January 19th, 2003:

We have some fanart, and a new affliate! A Moment to be Real is now affliated with Captain's Orders, a Captain Amelia site! Keep sending things in, everyone! :-)

January 17th, 2003:

Grand opening! Welcome to 'A Moment to be Real,' my tribute to the wonderful Jim Hawkins. Look around, learn about Jim, and submit something! This site is far from being finished (as all good sites are), but enjoy what I do have!